With my experience, I am able to create:
- Posters & Flysheets
- CV
- Business cards
- Mockups
- Logos
With my experience, I am able to create:
- Photo shoots
- Portraits
- ID/Passport/Visa photos
- Event photos
With my experience, I am able to create:
- Responsive Websites
- Wordpress themes
- Simple Platforms
With my experience, I am able to create:
- Visual id
- Logos
- Slogans
With my experience, I am able to create:
- Visualisation of accounts on social platforms
- Social Media Strategies
- Social Media Visual Campaigns
Bike2share is a school project about sharing economy ideas, social media strategy and databases. My task was to create the report about social media strategy and connect it with designed website and databases.
Falcoon Spring is a Nigerian company with connections in Copenhagen, Denmark. I made a collaboration with them and create the website and new visual indentity of the company.
Wayfarer is a final project after the second semester of my studies. My task was to create a website with PHP for a turism industry, create the companies business strategy and the identity of it
Project 7 - Market ProjectionX
Christmas visualisation of 3D model of Domhuset in Copenhagen.
My task was to create logo, calender and auction images for a small, polish online shop.
Kea Week 2015 - Winning project of KEA WEEK' 15 City Lab Solution for International House Copenhagen. Project consists of 4 mockups- solution for International House to make better online customer service. One of the idea is already implemented on the website of International House.


I am Ola
I like to Design & Code

About me

About me

I am Ola, 21 years old creative Web Designer, studying BA degree from Multimedia Design & Communication at Københavns Erhvervsakademi (KEA). Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, born and raised in Szczecin, Poland.

As a beginner, I am trying to gain as much knowledge as I can and after connect it with my passion and dedication to create nice looking and working projects.

Apart from it, I am interested in photography, music and travel. I hope, in the near future I will be able to connect my hobbies with my target dream job (Web Developer).

If you are intrested in finding out more about my works, you can always check out my cv, portfolio or directly contact me!

With my interdisciplinary approach, I am crafting functional and engaging work that delights and delivers results.



Web Design

Visual Identity